At Tracey A. Benson Consulting, we work to eradicate racial gaps in student outcomes by eliminating racial bias in the education delivery process. Through executive coaching, professional development, data analysis, and workshops we empower school leaders to be the catalyst for building-level change. Services are provided by Dr. Tracey A. Benson, academic activist and co-author of Unconscious Racial Bias in Schools: A Developmental Approach to Exploring Race, and his team of educational equity practitioners. 


Racial-Equity Courses and Workshops

Racial Equity Courses and Workshops

During these workshops, we analyze and bring conscious awareness to unconscious bias at the school level to locate areas of improvement. Learn more about our flagship program, the Anti-Racist Leadership Institute.

Racial-Equity Audits

Racial Equity Audits

We guide you through our unique 25–point diagnostic racial equity evaluation and produce specific initiatives for immediate implementation.

Racial-Equity Executive Leadership Coaching

Racial Equity Executive Leadership Coaching

Overcoming fears and anxieties about assessing issues of race and racism is one of the first steps to leading for racial equity

Keynotes & Speaking Engagements

Keynotes and Speaking Engagements

Dr. Benson is available for speaking engagements on racial equity, anti-racism, and unconscious bias in the education environment.

From Tracey A. Benson Consulting

Anti-Racist Leadership Institute

This unique 17-week program is designed to empower you with the tools and guidance to independently lead your faculty and staff and sustain equity work in your school or district while producing long-term, lasting results.

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