Programs and Courses

Anti-Racist Leadership Institute

This comprehensive institute is designed to help education leaders build knowledge, skills, and ability, while concurrently developing a concise, high-yield plan of action to increase racial equity.

This program, which includes an educator, anti-racist master class and ongoing coaching and support, is a unique approach to racial equity consulting. In this model, you and other leaders who will be driving the equity initiatives in your organization would complete the program with Dr. Benson to guide you as you implement a customized racial equity plan.

Racial Equity Education Leadership Cohorts

Participants in this program will meet with Dr. Benson and other aspiring anti-racist leaders in virtual sessions to assist with addressing problems of practice during the implementation of racial equity initiatives. Cohort members will also benefit from on-call email consults to assist them with emerging racial issues in their school community.

1-on-1 Racial Equity Executive Leadership Coaching

Overcoming fears and anxieties about assessing issues of race and racism is one of the first steps to leading for racial equity. Our coaching program employs a constructive developmental cognitive coaching model to rapidly increase leadership capacity. Participants will meet with Dr. Benson to set bi-weekly push goals and develop a customized improvement plan. The program also features ongoing email support for the duration of the coaching relationship. This tranforrmative experience is designed to promote previously unrealized growth and build the foundation for you to lead your team toward organizational progress.