What We Do

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We work to eradicate racial gaps in student outcomes by eliminating racial bias in the education delivery process.

Through executive coaching, professional development, data analysis, and workshops we empower school leaders to be the catalyst for building-level change.

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Leading Differently

During these workshops, we analyze and bring conscious awareness to the unconscious bias at the school level to locate areas of improvement. Participants explore how to incorporate equity discussions at the school and district level, develop a strategic plan to collect data on the campus racial climate, identify intrinsic barriers and create a growth plan.

We guide you through our unique 25-point diagnostic racial equity evaluation and produce specific initiatives for immediate implementation. This is the process that will serve as the foundation for continued improvement as you work toward eliminating racial bias at the building-level.
Our team will conduct monthly virtual one-on-one meetings designed to support school leaders in identifying and improving in the area of racial equity and addressing problems of practice during implementation.
Dr. Benson is available for speaking engagements on racial equity, anti-racism, and unconscious bias in the education environment.

We provide our clients with value

Unconscious Bias in Schools: A Developmental Approach to Race and Racism

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